Christmas prep

I don’t know if it’s just 2016 or endless colds or the novel I’m itching to start drafting or what, but this year I’m finding myself seriously cranky about Christmas tasks. They’ve historically mostly fallen to me, in large part because a) I kind of enjoy them, or at least I enjoy the results, and b) if left to Kevin, he wouldn’t think most of them were worth doing.
I’m actually cranky enough about that this year that (instead of just doing it all and resenting him for not suddenly, miraculously, realizing I’m resentful about it), I’m thinking of sitting down with Kevin, making a list of tasks, and asking him which ones he’s going to take on, and which ones we should just skip this year. He can disappoint the children with me.
I did just outsource hanging up our Christmas lights, which I have traditionally done. I do enjoy, sort of, clambering around on the porch roof hanging lights, but I am sick and tired and we can afford to pay someone else to do it this year, so.

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