THIS COLD. I woke up and got the kids off to school and thought, sure, I can get a few hours of work done before the Garden Club board meeting. Two hours later, no work done at all, just sitting in my comfy chair watching tv, trying not to fall asleep again. Tired enough and coughing enough that I eventually sent a note saying I wouldn’t make it to the board meeting (feeling guilty, but also feeling like I shouldn’t cough all over those lovely ladies).
Thought I’d use the time to either work or put up Christmas decorations, but the thought of going to the basement and hauling a dozen green plastic bins up the stairs is just beyond me. I managed to take the Thanksgiving stuff down and it’s now strewn across my kitchen island, but that’s as much progress as I’ve made. And I put one load in the laundry. That’s it.
The lack of productivity is starting to drive me nuts, so I really have to get SOMETHING more accomplished soon, but it’s going to have to be a super-low-energy thing, as even stairs are feeling difficult right now. Probably a bit more history reading for novel research. Maybe some e-mails and phone calls. And a nap. Today, naps count as work.

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