Why I Didn’t Vote for Sanders

I really loved Sanders’s economic policies. I almost voted for him, even though he seemed pretty fuzzy in several other areas, which concerned me. In the end, what tipped me over into Clinton’s camp for the primary is that Sanders failed to convince me that he could actually implement those economically progressive policies. I wasn’t convinced he could even win the general, much less govern effectively afterwards. I thought if Sanders got the nomination, progressive economic policies were far less likely to actually be implemented, than under a Hillary Clinton administration.
In the end, I am a pragmatist, and I would rather have 85% of what I want, rather than 0%, which is what I think Sanders could actually accomplish.
We’ll never know if I was right in that assessment. But what we do know, now, is that Clinton and Sanders have almost identical positions on the vast majority of the issues, including most of the economic ones. So if you’re a Sanders supporter and still hesitating about voting for Clinton, I ask you to look carefully at Clinton’s actual economic policies, and compare them to the other candidates. She wants to do a lot for you, a lot that is in line with progressive, and even socialist values. And I think she actually has an excellent chance of accomplishing many of her goals.

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  1. In retrospect, Sanders was the only candidate who could have beaten Mr Trump. Debbie Wasserman Schultz bears full responsibility for sabotaging his candidacy and guaranteeing a Trump victory.

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