Have written a last ditch maybe it’ll persuade some undecided voter in Nevada 1400 word essay and submitted it various places which are unlikely to take it at this incredibly late date to run tomorrow but you never know and the spirit rose up and demanded it so if not well you’ll see it when I post it to Facebook instead and at least I don’t feel quite so helpless now but still mostly helpless so I have spent an hour making Kevin watch a silly episode of Once Upon a Time with me and hold me tight which did take the edge off and now I’m going to paint my fingernails gold and see if I own any purple jewelry to wear with my white dress tomorrow and pour myself a bath and some NyQuil and watch an equally silly Gilmore Girls re-run and that will hopefully let me actually get to sleep tonight since I have to teach in the morning although I hope my students just go vote instead and after that I will ask Kavi if she wants to come help me vote.

There was punctuation in the essay, in case you were worried.

(White, gold, and violet:  give women the vote.  Colors of American suffrage movement.)

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