Heading off shortly for BinderCon. I have to say, even though I know my kids will be in excellent hands, I’m feeling more than a little unnerved to be leaving them overnight. The last time both Kevin and I were away overnight was, I think, when Kavya was one year old, and we took a long anniversary weekend in downtown Chicago — and we were still only half an hour away, in case of emergency. Now I’ll be in New York, he’ll be in California, for two days and two nights. Eep.
They’re going to be fine. The fridge is stocked, the freezer and pantry ditto, Kat is bringing her kids over for a three-day sleepover, and the kids are all looking forward to melting their brains with non-stop video games and tv. Kat has my pediatrician friend’s number in case of any medical emergency. We have plenty of band-aids. It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine, it’ll be fine.
I’m going to go water the plants now, so I don’t worry about *them* while I’m out of town.

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