Stay down.

Feeling frustrated — I misread my schedule for tomorrow, and had agreed to speak briefly as part of a panel at Loyola tomorrow, that I’ve now had to pull out of, for fear of missing my flight to BinderCon. It’s only going to leave a ten-minute hole in their line-up, but still, it’s super-irritating to mess up like this.

When I start dropping balls like this, it’s usually a sign that I’ve over-committed. Pull back, pull back. Say no for a while. Take more naps.

I was feeling exhausted and cranky enough that I may have thrown myself down on the bed where the kids were watching tv and pathetically asked them to make mommy feel better.

They came up with: a) tell mommy three things each they like about her, and b) pound on her back the way she likes. Best medicine.

Kavya’s three things: Mommy is very smart, mommy is very very very very nice, and mommy likes many of the same things Kavi likes, such as reading and art.

(I asked, plaintively, if I were still nice even though I made her do her math homework despite her being tired, and she said any good mommy or daddy would do that, and if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t be as smart. So I guess I don’t need to feel as guilty as I had been about harassing her to finish it.)

Anand’s three things: Mommy feeds us, mommy made us be born, and mommy always gives him huggies.

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