I think I’m fighting off a cold…

Tired, peoples. A long day yesterday — up at 6, home at 7, with teaching and writing and errands in between. On the roster for today: Herceptin infusion? (I don’t have it in my schedule, but it’s been three weeks since the last one, so I probably forgot to write it down, but I’m not sure, have a call in to the hospital to find out, hopefully they’ll call back soon, and hopefully if it *is* today, I can move it to Friday), meeting with Anand’s support team at school @ 10, meeting with independent study student @ 11, garden club 12 – 2. Then I’m unscheduled for the rest of the afternoon, and am hoping to power through much of the novel revision for the rest of the day, but am a little worried that if I’m this tired now, I’ll be crashing by 2. We’ll see.

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