Surprise cupcakes

After teaching, joined Mary Robinette Kowal for lunch and writing at City Winery (where her husband, Rob, is the sommelier). This is our second time meeting here — last time, Rob took us on a tour behind the scenes, where vast vats actually make wine, right here in the heart of Chicago. Wacky! I had the petite syrah last time, delicious, and the syrah this time, which beautifully accompanied my middle-eastern sausage sandwich (with grilled onions and chimichurri sauce) and a side of pita with beet-feta spread. (Tons of food; taking half of it home for Kevin’s dinner.)
 img_0639-2 img_0641-2
The star of the meal remained the delectable burrata with roasted tomatoes and basil that we shared last time and couldn’t resist repeating — I think I was probably at least 30 before I tasted fresh mozzarella for the first time, and probably past 40 before I had burrata — I wonder how many other deliciousnesses I’ve been missing.
After lunch, we settled down to writing; I finished and sent off the revision of my Wild Cards story, and then, as if by magic, a complimentary cupcake materialized to reward me for my diligence. It was actually left over from a staff birthday celebration, but let’s pretend that the finishing of every major task is accompanied by surprise cupcakes. What a lovely world that would be.
And now — the novel. It has been waiting, so patiently, for me to finish everything else. I won’t finish the revision today, but if I start it, I actually hope to finish it this week. Along with finishing the first pass of Survivor subs. And will there be more cupcakes to follow? Quite possibly.

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