Traditionally, I buy new folders at the start of each semester, and was delighted to see that PaperSource has a new celestial line — I now have starry folders and pencils to go with the constellation pen Devi got me for my birthday. It seems like a good sign for the semester. 🙂

IMG_0245 2

First classes went well today, I think — I am trying having the students write their names on cards and prop those on desks, and I think it will help me with remembering their name and also help keep me from using a name they don’t go by (just because it happens to be on the official roll). Win-win. 

Other than that, pretty standard — we discussed an Iroquois creation myth in my early American lit. class, and covered Kipling’s “The White Man’s Burden,” and a bit of Benedict Anderson’s thoughts on what defines a nation (from _Imagined Communities_). They’re still a little quiet overall, but it’s only the first day; hopefully, I’ll get them loosened up soon. 🙂

Came home to get groceries, have lunch, write for a few hours, but will actually go back to campus in the evening; we’re having a meet-up for the creative writing students. I was going to bring cider, but couldn’t find it at the store, so will bring lemonade instead. Ah well! I’m thinking I may take any interested students to the Green Mill sometime this semester; it’s been a long time since I went to a poetry slam. 🙂  Scott Woods, thinking of you!

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