Set this house in order…

Plan for today: Sort children’s summer / winter / outgrown clothing, figure out if they need more summer clothes or are okay. Stop at school @ 9 for Anand’s _Tribute to Excellence_ end of year thing. Would be tempted to skip it, but he’s had a tough time in kindergarten and worked hard lately to get along better, and I think it’ll cheer him to see us there, so. Write — I think I’m going to try writing at a cafe today, for a change, since I have to be out. Doctor’s appt. @ 1:40 to check on progress of slightly worrying rash (it’s almost certainly fine). Assemble sandbox this afternoon? We’ll see. First, must find drill, so cleaning basement, which has descended into total chaos over the last few harried months, might have to take priority of assembly.

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  1. and you find time to write! What discipline. Any one of your many goals could be a full days work. Don’t be too hard on yourself and try and be superwoman. Enjoy your children because before you know it they will be teen agers.

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