Morning cooking

Vattalappam (or wattalappam) baking. It’d be nice if we could standardize the English spelling of that, but I see both so often, I don’t think there’s consensus yet. Am sort of regretting I didn’t pour a little into a separate baking dish so I could eat some as soon as it comes out of the oven without spoiling the presentation — oh well. I will plan better next time. 🙂
I’ve set Kavi to emptying the dishwasher; when she’s done, I’ll load it again, and then on to the next thing, which I think is the shark curry. There was a funny moment at the grocery store yesterday, where a kid was excited that they sold shark, but disappointed that it didn’t look like a shark. His dad told him they should buy some more often, and then maybe the store would get some whole shark in, instead of slicing it up first.

As a side note, I slept eight hours, woke up, realized I didn’t actually need to get up yet, went back to sleep for two more hours, and feel much better today.

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