In the interest of de-stigmatizing mental illness, I’ll just pause to note that I’ve been seriously stressed out the past few days, due to a fairly clear-cut concatenation of work-and-family-and-friend-related mini-crises, some of which should resolve soon. (Also, the semester is ending in two weeks, yay.)

And not only have I been unusually irritable, restless, and teary, but I actually caught myself wringing my hands as I paced earlier today, something I don’t think I’ve ever done before, but which is something I’ve seen before in friends with anxiety issues.

So. We’ll keep an eye on it, and if it doesn’t clear up within a few weeks, I’ll go talk to someone. I *think* it’s just situational, but better to stay on top of these things and address them early.

I thought this was a good and informative link: https://www.lucidatreatment.com/blog/mental-health/subtle-signs-anxiety-disorders/

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