Yesterday, Kevin and I…

Yesterday, Kevin and I went to Anand's class to do Mystery Reader, which is a thing where you go and surprise your kindergartener and read a book or two to their class. It's an entirely delightful thing, that I wish all parents / caregivers had the time and flexibility to participate in. But mostly posting because Kevin told me on our way in that Anand didn't like it when Kev read to him, which surprised me, because I think Kevin is a pretty good reader.

But it turns out that Kevin was trying to read him The Magic Treehouse books, which Anand has been obsessed by for a while; he listens to the audiobook every night when he's going to sleep. Apparently, Kevin's reading does not come up to the standards of a professional. Sometimes I think our children are getting a bit spoiled.

Still, the kids seemed to enjoy the reading in class. We did _I Broke My Trunk_ and _There Is a Bird on Your Head_ -- Mo Willems is very big around here right now. Anand wants the Pigeon to meet Elephant and Piggie; I said that he could write that story, and he said that he told the librarian his idea, and the librarian suggested he send the idea to Mo Willems directly. :-)

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