Yesterday was oddly…

Yesterday was oddly exhausting -- somehow the ramp up to Kavi dancing in the parade and the actual dancing (in the cold) wiped us out. Ended up spending the rest of the day completely vegging, which is fine, but has ended up with a long to-do list for Sunday, sigh. Plans for the day:

- do a last load of kids' laundry, put away three loads of kids' laundry
- grade a miscellany of gazillion small assignments
- figure out the timer on my grow lights, so I stop alternately burning plants / leaving them in the dark
- get started on winter yard clean-up; rake away some leaf mulch and prune back dead perennials
- meet with Joan for two hours or so to work on my website update / transfer
- grade first set of papers
- take Kavi swimming (I might have to take my grading with me this time, instead of swimming with her, sigh)
- and I still have a pile of pants to hem. That's less urgent, but it would be nice to have jeans that actually fit me, esp. as we move into gardening season. We'll see...

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