Okay, I’m back in town,…

Okay, I'm back in town, and ready to face the new semester. Slightly overwhelmed by everything I want to do in 2016, so am going to make at least a partial list. Please ignore unless you're really interested in the minutiae of my life. :-) This is in part for Jessie, who like me, loves lists beyond all reason.

- straighten up house (not too bad after my absence, maybe an hour of work to get back to what I find acceptable) -- done
- tend neglected houseplants -- done
- go to Zumba with Roshani @ 10 -- done
- go to dentist @ 11 -- done
- finish readings for tonight's writing workshop -- done
- plan dinner, get milk and necessary groceries -- done

- put on new Fitbit (old one died, after much hard use) and get it set up
- pay any bills that came in over the holiday
- post widely about Jaggery's new issue, call for subs, and call for editors
- buy plane tickets for NY trip
- work on sex after cancer essay
- sit down with Kev and figure out spring travel schedule, including Disneyland (!) and my cousin's wedding
- host workshop

- morning: revise short story and send out, work on novel
- look into pilates classes and/or swim lessons at gym, swim
- afternoon: work on revising syllabi for next week
- get nails and eyebrows done, buy new folders for start of semester (a good-luck tradition)
- sit down with Kev and the kids and make goal charts with positive rewards (Anand: not hitting, Kavya: piano practice, Me: daily exercise and/or writing, Kev: ?). Will have to brainstorm appropriate rewards.

- morning: revise other short story and send out, work on novel
- go to gym / swim
- afternoon: if Kevin is free, do something fun with him -- last chance before semester starts

- take a break from sugar -- no desserts, no chai lattes
- aim to exercise daily in some form; walking the dog counts
- aim for adding cardio three times / week
- aim to lose five pounds (yes, I'm sorry, I feel like I need to apologize to all my fat-acceptance friends, and also, I am a walking, talking January clich, but it's actually something I'm trying to do, so I'm going to list it. Being overweight increases risk for breast cancer recurrence; this higher risk is because fat cells make estrogen; extra fat cells mean more estrogen in the body, and estrogen can make hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers (like mine) develop and grow.)
- get to at least 50,000 words in revised novel draft

- get to at least 75,000 words in novel draft
- lose five pounds

- finish novel draft?
- lose five pounds

General for 2016:
- spend less time on Facebook (sorry!)
- watch much less tv (only if cleaning or exercising)
- read many more books
- post in garden journal weekly
- post in cooking club weekly (until cookbook revision is done)
- play more games with the kids and Kevin
- finish my novel
- lose fifteen pounds
- travel more
- enjoy life :-)

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