Its Giving Tuesday, and…

Its Giving Tuesday, and I know everyone is seeing a barrage of non-profit requests, so Ill keep this short and sweet. I run two literary organizations, and wed like to extend our reach in 2016; we hope you can join us. All staff are volunteers for both organizations (along with an occasional paid student intern); our overhead is exceedingly minimal (web hosting costs, basically). The money you donate goes directly to writers and artists. Heres what we do, and what wed like to do:

The Speculative Literature Foundation is a science fiction and fantasy 501(c)3 non-profit that offers several grants and a comprehensive resource website. Grants offer talented writers a little extra time and money so they can develop their work further; this is especially valuable for work that may not be commercial in nature. We currently offer five grants: the Gulliver Travel grant, the Older Writers grant, the Working Class Writers grant and the Diverse Writers and Diverse Worlds grants. The first two are currently funded by generous donors; the working class and diversity grants are currently funded for three more years.

In 2016, wed like to bring back the Fountain Award for excellence in short fiction; to do that, we need to raise $1000 this December. Any new donations received by the SLF will go first towards the Fountain Award, and then towards solidifying future grant support. Were also potentially interested in setting up new grants; if youre interested in donating money towards a new grant, please get in touch, and wed love to discuss it.

Donate to the SLF here:

DesiLit supports South Asian and diaspora literature, with Jaggery, an international literary magazine, local chapters that offer book clubs and writing workshops, and the Kriti Festival, which takes place periodically in Chicago. Currently, Jaggery has a very small budget, $250 / issue, for three issues / year. Wed like to at least double that for 2016, so were aiming to raise $750 this December. More would be even better  before too long, Id like to be paying at least $100 / story. The SLF functions as fiscal sponsor for DesiLit, so all donations are tax-deductible.

Donate to DesiLit here:

Thats it, folks. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Mary Anne Mohanraj
Executive Director, DesiLit and the SLF

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