Today was bizarrely…

Today was bizarrely busy, basically scheduled from 6 a.m. until now. But nonetheless, I feel fine, which suggests that the fatigue I was feeling this weekend might not be radiation-related, but more end-of-semester stress.

Tomorrow is much quieter -- radiation @ 8:45, exercise class @ 9:45. If I'm feeling okay after class, planning to write from 11 - 3, hopefully cranking out one of the four short stories burning holes in my brain right now. I have this bizarre plan that I will draft one a day for the next four days and then go back to the novel, head clear, on Monday. We'll see.

If I can't get myself to write, then I will bake sweets for Christmas. (Hopefully, I'll do both.) I've made the milk toffee already, but I want to make a second batch and try to get the exact temperatures down this time, with photos. Also on the to-make sweets list are: marshmallows, meringues, jammy dodgers, shortbread, and possibly kokis (rosettes).

Do I need to make any of these? No. But I want to. Writing for four hours / day + cooking for an hour (I also need to make a bunch of curries ahead of time and freeze them for Christmas Eve dinner) seems like a fine and manageable plan for the next three weeks until Christmas. That leaves plenty of time for reading and resting.

Although somewhere in there, I probably ought to grade my students' final papers. :-)

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