Cancer log 130: The…

Cancer log 130: The radiation nurse told me yesterday that the people who start radiation reasonably fit, exercising regularly, are typically the ones who suffer least from radiation fatigue. So I'm going to try to take the next two weeks to really get back into the habit of daily exercise, so that I can hopefully keep it up after treatment starts.

I get bored with exercise easily, so for me, variety is key. To that end, I have re-upped my gym membership, so I can swim. I'll try to walk to and from the train on the days I teach (rather than driving in), which adds about 2 miles of walking to my day; I may go on walks with a friend as well. I'm going to clean out the garage today or tomorrow, so I can easily move my bike in and out (it's a bit jammed in there right now).

I've bought a new Dance Dance Revolution mat to replace the one that broke years ago; if it works, I can use the Wii in the basement to play a dance game (possibly with Kavya too; I think it's a bit beyond Anand). I'm going to start lifting weights again, now that my surgery scars seem pretty well healed. (Took about a month; I swam with no problem on Monday.) I think my strength numbers have probably dropped, possibly dramatically, from what they were at the start of treatment; we'll see. I'm looking forward to tracking them again, hopefully seeing my reps and weight I can lift go up over time.

Now I'm going to go look at the gym schedule and see if there are any classes that look appealing. A friend does Wed morning Zumba; I can't do that with her today, but maybe next week.

The goal is to do *something* exercise-y every day. Variety + consistency. Let's see how I do.

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