Took bike out around the…

Took bike out around the block, for first time since buying it many months ago. (Almost immediately after buying it, I was either too sick, or it was too hot to want to ride.) Observations:

- It is a pain in the butt getting in and out of my garage through the single door and in and out of my yard through the single gate; it's a serious disincentive to using the bicycle. I should be able to get a second garage door opener, right? And then just take it with me when I want to bike? Must research.

- I probably should've put air in the tires; didn't think to check them until I was out.

- Gears are useful on a windy day; I should remember that sooner.

- Wind definitely makes biking harder.

- Biking uses different muscles than the rest of my exercise (quadriceps?), and I could feel it, even though I only went around the block once.

- When it's going well, it feels a little like flying. :-)

Maybe tomorrow, around two blocks?

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