Cranky because schoolbus…

Cranky because schoolbus was 30 minutes late. I had *plans* for those 30 minutes, mostly involving breakfast. I am going to go eat something before I do something I regret. I don't know what that would be, but right now I would like to break *something* which is probably the hunger talking.

Breakfast, water the garden, 9:00 book meeting with Amanda​ and Kat​, see if I feel well enough to go in for the ASAM mixer, but I think probably not -- but undergrads reading this, if you have any interest in Asian American Studies (it's a great minor!), you should stop by 1050 UH, anytime from 11 - 1; there will be yummy snacks.

This afternoon, I plan watch The Godfather, Part One. Book research, but hopefully also enjoyable.

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