Fitbit is ironic — got…

Fitbit is ironic -- got an e-mail congratulating me on losing five pounds. Yes, I lost five pounds in the last three weeks. But a) it's from chemo (loss of appetite / sleeping), b) it's five pounds I gained from the earlier treatment. I may be heading towards net neutral state, which would be nice, but the congatulatory 'badge' is just funny. Ah well.

Steroids have me up at 3:30 a.m., and grumpier about it than I was yesterday. About to have tea, uppuma, mackerel curry, which should help. Spicy food is not causing me instant heartburn this round of chemo, thankfully -- that was really making me nuts last time. After that, curl up and read for a bit, I think -- I'm halfway through Gabldon's Drums of Autumn, so may try to finish that off.

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