I am reading my friend’s…

I am reading my friend's (and former student's) murder mystery (Little Pretty Things, by Lori Rader-Day​) and it's really, really good.

And I love that it's really good, but I'm also feeling frustrated that I haven't been writing enough, and my novel-length writing feels stalled out, stuck, and I'm going to be trapped just writing short stories for the rest of my life, if I even write those. And y'all can't even reassure me on this, because you haven't read my novels. I've written two of them, but neither ended up published, maybe because they're just bad. And this third one is only half-written, so who knows how it'll turn out? Sigh.

Sorry, just in a writerly funk. It's not Lori's fault. All she did was write a great book. It's not a crime, even if you are friends with insecure writer-types.

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  1. I sent you an encouraging email about one of your unpublished novels a couple of weeks ago. I also was a reader on two of them that I keep hoping you will finish.

    Hoping you feel better soonest, regardless.

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