Cancer log 84. I’m a…

Cancer log 84. I'm a morning person, a lark. Normally, I wake up cheerfully around 5 a.m. or so, and get lots done during what feels like the best part of the day. Now, post-infusion, I wake up slightly queasy, take my anti-nausea meds, and then wait a while for them to kick in. It's a small difference, but an annoying one; it throws off my whole morning.

I've been fairly knocked out this round -- had the infusion on Wed, and on Thursday, I ended up falling asleep on the couch after I got the kids off to camp / preschool @ 9. I basically slept from 9 - 5. And then yesterday, I slept from about 10 - 3. Hopefully today will be better; there are things I'd like to get done. But at least I have the option of sleeping when I need to. That's something.

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