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Sri Lankan recipe club! Im planning to get out a seriously revised, expanded (I'm aiming for twice the size!), with photos, second edition of my cookbook, A Taste of Serendib. Itll be published by Lethe Press, in print and digital editions.

To motivate me to actually get this done, I have a plan: encourage people to join a $2 / month Sri Lankan recipe club through Patreon:

a) ten randomly-selected people who sign up this week (between Tues May 5 and Tues May 12, noon CST) will get a PDF copy of the first edition of my cookbook (available in print from Lethe Press) -- this includes a recipe for Sri Lankan curry powder you can make at home, and an introduction to cooking Sri Lankan food.

b) as long as you're in the club, youll get a new recipe every week, for roughly three months. I will *try* to send out new recipes every Sunday, though please be patient with me if I occasionally slip a little.

Note: If you're already a Patreon supporter of mine at the $1 level, you'll need to bump up to $2 / month for a bit to get access to the cookbook and new recipes. You can bump back down again when the book's done, if you like. :-)

If the recipes are non-vegetarian, I'll suggest substitutions to make them work as vegetarian dishes. Generally, if the dishes are vegetarian, most will also be vegan. Spice levels may be adjusted to your desire, from totally mild all the way up to super-hot -- it's mostly just a question of how much chili powder / green chilies you put in, though I'll try to indicate what is generally culturally appropriate.


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