Tomorrow I go to…

Tomorrow I go to AnomalyCon (schedule below), a steampunk / alternate history convention in Denver. Apparently, there is a fair bit of cosplay. I will pack my goggles and my spice belt and boots, but I admit, I am a little sad that my port is under my skin, and will not be visible to the crowd. I would feel very clockwork steampunk! Very Rupetta! (

Saturday 10: Overcoming Barriers
Brilliant authors talk about breaking out of the stereotypes to be successful in art and fiction.

Saturday 12: Writing Characters of Impact
Women. QUILTBAG. People of color. They all have a common trend throughout fiction: The person who gets rescued or killed at the whim of the hero or villain. We're here to change that. It's not just about strength.

Saturday 1: Author Free-For-All
Don't miss this wild answer to every question you never thought to ask your favorite authors! Twitter meets steroids.

Saturday 2: Women Are Ruining Science Fiction
Mary Shelly invented the Science Fiction genre. But we've heard that female writers are ruining science fiction. These amazing and wildly successful science fiction authors are here to put your suspicions where they belong--back in the middle ages.

Sunday 12: Social Linguistics
A discussion on the evolution of the meaning of words through their social use, as well as the development of colloquiallism.

Sunday 2: Becoming Uncomfortable
Difficult Conversations to expand our understanding of community. Being willing to ask--and answer--the hard questions.

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