I have nothing to say…

I have nothing to say about cancer today, whee! So I wrote fiction instead.

The goal, going forward, is to do both, with fiction on as close to a daily basis as possible. I let the novel slide a little bit while grappling with the initial diagnosis / testing onslaught. But I miss it. Was good to get back to it today!

I can hear her in my head. Shes not making any sense right now, but I can hear her voice. Shes still there. She wasnt, for a second, but then she came back. I wish shed stayed away.

Why is that?

Shruthis mouth twisted, an unpleasant expression to see on a child; she looked at Maya scornfully, as if she were an idiot. Shes mean to everyone. Especially my amma. She pretends to be nice, but shes like a snake in the grass  you never know when shell strike you. She made Amma so unhappy. Maybe now Amma will be happier, and will play with us more.

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