I got my Florida…

I got my Florida pedicure yesterday; my toenails are bright blue and sparkly. Plan for today: Dress and pack, get Kavi up and dressed and fed and on the bus, go to ICFA, either write or read (probably Gabaldon) on the plane, get to Orlando around 2, change into suit, go for a swim, have a margarita, and contemplate how lucky I am that Kevin doesn't squawk when I schedule three conferences (three long weekends away) in the same month.

To be fair, I would've rather had them be one a month over Feb / Mar / Apr, but I do not set the conference schedules, and this year, all my winter/spring conferences landed in March. It's a lot of solo parenting for Kev, but he supports my work, and also supports my need to get away from family responsibilities on occasion. Good egg. Lucky girl.

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