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Brief parenting / reading note -- Kavi learned to read in kindergarten, and then in first grade, made reasonable progress. But it wasn't particularly fun for her. In second grade, she was reading better, but the twenty minutes of required homework reading was still essentially a chore she needed to be coaxed into. Then, I think on Jessie​'s wall, I saw a note about how her daughter loved various graphic novels, so I ordered one each of several for Kavi to try. And she ADORES them.

For the last few weeks, she's gone off cheerfully to do her reading homework and has regularly been reading well past her alloted twenty minutes, because she wants to know what happens. Kavi can read chapter books, but I think so many words on the page is intimidating for her, and looks like work. So for right now, we're thrilled, and are getting her lots of graphic novels, and as a bonus, they're funny enough that I enjoy reading some of them too. Here's what she's read so far (in the last three weeks or so?):

- all three Zita the Spacegirl books
- all three Bink and Gollie books
- the first three Lunch Lady books (this is a long series, about a superhero lunch lady at a school)
- the first Princeless book (second is on its way to us)
- the first Amulet book (also in a longer series, second is on its way)

And I've also ordered Target Practice (Cleopatra in Space #1). More recommendations along these lines are welcome. :-)

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