Finished editing my…

Finished editing my masculinity roundtable discussion for the WisCon Chronicles -- feeling a bit wrung out, but in a good way. Such good thinkers, these gentlemen. Thoughtful, honest, kind. They give me hope. Thanks to Benjamin Rosenbaum, Na'amen Tilahun, Elliott Mason, Jim C. Hines, Jed Hartman, David Moles, and Michael Damian Thomas.

A few clean-up editing tasks left, and then the last thing will be writing the introduction. Which is, frankly, a bit terrifying, as there are THINGS I want to talk about, but am not sure I can do so in a way that won't get people yelling at me, and I'm not sure I can take yelling right now. Argh.

Well, this is maybe not the best possible year for me to have the editorship of this volume, but I hopefully will turn out a creditable effort. If the THINGS are too much, I can write a simpler intro and save those for a separate essay. Maybe to be submitted to next year's Chronicles. We'll see.

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