Tell me it’s foolish to…

Tell me it's foolish to put plants in my outside hanging baskets. There are a few overnight temps dropping down just below 32 in the next ten days. Most of my brain is saying don't be ridiculous, safe planting date in Chicago isn't until late May, and even if I regularly push that to mid-April, early March is really quite silly. But there's a little part of my brain saying it's gloriously warm out (high of 55 today!!), and planting would really cheer me up, and surely there's SOMETHING hardy enough to stick in a pot now?

(I know, planting in the ground would be safer, but the ground is still mostly covered in snow. Which, yes, just underlines the point re: ridiculous above.)

I will probably restrain myself and just trim the old leaves from my hellebores and give them some fresh compost. That way, I'll feel like I'm actually doing something useful...

2 thoughts on “Tell me it’s foolish to…”

  1. Don’t they sell primroses and ice pansies there? They survive frosts quite well, although if the temps got much below freezing you’d have to bring them inside. Still, I’ve had primroses and pansies blooming with overnight temps of 28 so maybe you could risk them. With some daffodils. Not quite trailing plants, but you deserve something now. They will, however, need sunlight during the day so only the bright spots…..

    Not to brag or anything, but we’re past crocuses and daffodils and moving into grape hyacinths and tulips here. The ice pansies have perked up after a long winter and the primroses are lovely. The Japanese Kerria and the Winter Daphne are blooming. Ah, Winter Daphne! Such a glorious scent.

    Rub, rub, rub.

  2. Oh, if you get ice pansies/croci from the inside of a greenhouse, you’ll have to do a slow move outside so they don’t get shocked. Maybe bring them in for the 1st night or so.

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