No one here has pansies…

No one here has pansies yet -- I called around, but it'll be another week, at least. But Trader Joe's had flowering quince branches for my island, pretty pink wax flowers to add to the roses Prathim-Maya sent me last week, tiny cheap mini daffodils which I am daringly considering putting in the hanging baskets, damn the potential frost.

But most exciting, full on gorgeous hellebores!! I bought one, quite thrilled! I restrained the urge to buy two, because really, I must save some garden budget for when the plants actually show up in greenhouses. And I was carrying my lovely one into the house through the back door when Toni showed up at my front door -- carrying the exact same hellebore plant, because she saw it and thought I would like it!! Which is, frankly, hilarious, esp. since I almost never go to Trader Joe's.

Now, I have two, and I can plant them flanking my door, which is going to make it look exceedingly festive (and even sort of organized). Photos soon.

One thought on “No one here has pansies…”

  1. That is so lame! No ice pansies ????? They’ll live when hellebores won’t. I don’t understand nurseries.

    But you got some lovely flowers for your yard and your house and that is what matters. Happy.

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