I was just telling Alex…

I was just telling Alex that I probably should be more pro-active about making people aware that I have a story eligible for Hugo nomination. Marketing is not my strong suit! So, hey. Here it is, "Communion," and it's been selected for Gardner Dozois's Year's Best SF anthology, so it's gotta have something to it. You can read or listen to it for free! Tell your friends. (Tell lots and lots and lots of your friends. :-) )

Nominations close on March 10th (next Tuesday).

Oh, and actually, I have one other published in 2014, Ties that Bind, Lowball, Tor. That one's not available online (though the prequel story is, "Sanctuary") -- you'd need to find a copy of the actual book. Both are superhero stories in George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards shared world universe, but I think work well as stand-alone stories.

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