Thanksgiving dinner for…

Thanksgiving dinner for thirty-one = reasonable success. Although I have got to figure out a better process for heating all the sides at the end + carving the turkey + making the gravy. The turkey came out at 4:00, which was already at least half an hour longer than ideal (forgot that using a wild turkey meant shorter cooking time), and then instead of sitting for half an hour, it sat for an hour, until we ate at 5, which meant a goodly portion of the meat was dry. I think one of the main problems was that I needed a platter for carving (so that we had somewhere to carve while someone else was making the gravy) -- WHICH I OWN. But I've only owned it for a year, and in all the hectic, I forgot. Sigh.

Ah well -- the rest of the dishes were great (my guests brought uniformly awesome food), and the company was delightful. Everyone went home stuffed, and we have leftovers enough for a few meals. Turkey curry tomorrow!

Hope everyone's had a good day, and gets to sleep in tomorrow!

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