Okay. I am dragging…

Okay. I am dragging myself at least partly out of holiday mode for one last week of classes. We did get a lot done this weekend, despite Anand being quite sick (and the rest of us being somewhat sick) -- all of Thanksgiving cleaned and put away, the Christmas tree up (not lit or decorated yet), the porch lights hung (mostly), the decoration bins brought up from the basement and their contents strewn wantonly across the dining table, the Christmas photos taken and cards ordered. It's funny how this time of year is simultaneously full of lovely relaxing familial moments -- and lots of labor to make them possible. Hm.

Plan for this week: Finish teaching, bake shortbread with the kids and make some of the sweets for gifting / party (I think peppermint marshmallows, sparkling lemon truffles, and spiced cashews, which were hits last year, and easy to make), finish the porch lights and decorate the tree / house, get thyroid bloodwork done to check levels, spend Wednesday writing with friends.

Kevin goes out of town today for two more weeks of research elsewhere. I think we'll survive. As long as no one else gets sick!!!

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