Anand had a complete and…

Anand had a complete and total wailing meltdown just now, out of the blue, because Kavi took a piece of the watermelon that Kevin had brought Anand from the store. It took almost half an hour and a long, serious conversation out on the porch (fresh air is calming) to get him to agree to come back inside and at least nominally share the rest of his watermelon with her. (He carefully picked out one piece to give her -- the smallest one.)

The argument that finally convinced him that in this family, we share? That when it's Kavi's birthday again, and she gets a birthday cake, she should share some with him, right? RIGHT? Anand finally agreed yes, but not before pointing out that he could just sneak up and take some of her cake. I had to explain that that would make her mad, and we didn't really want to be the kind of family that just did that kind of thing, and he said that we'd get used to it if we all did it all the time, and I agreed that we probably would, but it would be kind of sad, right? And after listening to rain for a bit, he suddenly was willing to inside and share his watermelon.

Five year olds are bewildering.

I think he was tired, and perhaps overexcited from the four days of being at home with visiting grandparents.

Also, this is why everything I try to do takes twice as long as one might expect.

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