Plan for today: Get the…

Plan for today: Get the kids up and dressed and fed and off to school. Turn off Facebook and other distractions until noon or so. Read and/or write -- I finished reading Suri's _Death of Vishnu_ this morning, the first novel I've finished reading in a while, and I am feeling a bit reproached by my stack of books for how long it's been since I read a novel start to finish. (I did read the two Firefly graphic novels a few days ago -- sadly, wasn't terribly impressed by either.) I'd like to finish drafting chapter 7 on my own book -- we'll see.

At noonish, Neha arrives, and we switch over to e-mail work and taking care of the last bits of Kriti. We have checks to send, photos to edit, video to edit, and Kickstarter prizes to send out. Which reminds me, I'm supposed to write a new story in my SF universe -- it was one of the Kickstarter prizes. This week, hopefully.

Neha's working for me part-time for the rest of the semester, so we need to figure out which foundation projects to put her on going forward. I think the rest of this week will be Kriti sliding into the next issue of Jaggery, and then next week, we're going to be setting up the first in the SF reading series at Geek Bar. More on that soon. At some point, I also need to re-read Thoreau and prep my lecture notes for tomorrow's class on the Transcendentalists. And brace for the wave of papers arriving tomorrow.

This is the pattern I'd like to set for my non-teaching days this fall -- reading and writing in the mornings, other work in the afternoons. Exercise at some point during the day. We'll see how it goes.

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