Everyone in my house is…

Everyone in my house is fighting off a small cold (or has succumbed to it). It's a very minor cold -- just enough to make you a little groggy, occasionally sneeze or cough. Normally, the kids would be up by now, and Kavi would be eating breakfast before catching the bus at 7:20. But I'm going to let them sleep in for a while; I can run her up to the school at 7:50, and she won't even be tardy.

Feeling grateful that I have a job (and a car) that allows me to do this. I had a lot of years waking up early to catch a bus to take me out to a job I had to be at by 8 or else I would've been fired. (I was once fired for taking a long lunch, even though I clocked in and out.) If I were still working that kind of job, I'd have had to drag the poor kid out of bed fifteen minutes ago, tired or not.

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