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World-building question. Trying to figure out population numbers for my recently-settled planet. Assume they arrive with a high level of technology: space flight, gene tech, etc. Also wealth. But the planet has bad (barely breathable) air, and is mineral-poor. They erect a dome and build a city within it, then a bunch of agricultural and mining districts around it (non-domed). The capital city has a university, big medical complex, rich / middle-class / poor residential areas -- maybe half the size of London in Shakespeare's time?

At some point, they build a second and possibly third city, but I'm still thinking that most of the planet is uninhabited. I need to have a rough sense of how many people are on the planet, how many are in the capital city, and how many are in each agricultural district (of which there are hundreds).

As a vague initial guess, I'm thinking 20,000 in the capital city, and another 500,000 in the surrounding districts. Maybe roughly 3000 / district?

Ideally, I'd like to have enough people in a district that it's a politically fairly important number, worth going to some effort to secure its votes. But a small enough number that the leader of the district could plausible have met most of the people in it.

Numbers are not my strong point!

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  1. The numbers look reasonable. You can get actual historical numbers for 1600 England, London and Oxfordshire too.

    But meanwhile, the world-building leads me to more questions:

    Did they establish the university on this planet in some way because it had poor air and minerals?

    Does the small district have valuable votes because some local Senate has one vote per historical district?

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