I wish I had a proper…

I wish I had a proper 'before' picture -- you must imagine this little strip of yard just COVERED in weeds taller than I am. We've been debating what to do with it, and since the weeds are so happy there, we thought we might have a chance at fruits and veggies. There's one fruit tree there already, in its second year -- it'll be another few before it bears fruit, I think. We hacked down the weeds (Kevin), then dug up the bed and spread soaked newspapers, cardboard boxes, and straw (local college student Adam).

So I guess I didn't actually do any of the labor, but I planned it all, and that's work too, right? Anyway, with any luck, the straw and the rest will decompose nicely over the winter. I do have a long stretch of daffodils and tulips in there, which I think will come up without any trouble. And then perhaps they can be moved? If so, then we should be all set for adding some compost and building up some slightly raised beds there. Veggies, yay. :-)

Hope you don't mind the semi-dressed Anand, btw -- that's his preferred summer backyard garb. And oh, if you have a dog, be warned that they might like to go roll in the straw and then track it back into the house, onto your couch. Ah well

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