I am only teaching two…

I am only teaching two classes this fall, and I'm drowning a bit. Granted, this is a two-thirds schedule I'm on now, but still. Two classes, one of them I can teach in my sleep, and one of them a new prep. And that new prep has me harried and panicked and feeling underprepared even though I've been reading and working on my syllabus for months.

So this is a shout-out to all the adjuncts starting new semesters soon, teaching way too many classes (often at way too many institutions) in an attempt to cobble together something resembling a living wage. I salute you, and I wish you luck, and I'm so sorry we're not doing better by you, and by your students.

I honestly think more attention is being paid to this problem, and that things are, incredibly slowly, maybe starting to improve. With unionization, I think the situation of adjuncts at my own institution will be better this fall than it was last spring. But that doesn't help those deep in the weeds right now. Hang in there.

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