I have now dosed myself…

I have now dosed myself with something called Chesty Cough (which contains alcohol), Strepsils cough drops (which also contain alcohol), and tea with honey. The nice young man at the counter heard me cough, and gave me an entire small jar of honey to take away, along with my tea. That's what I call hospitable. There is no alcohol in the tea currently, but if this combination doesn't manage to soothe my killer cough, I may go in search of a hot toddy as the next step in my cough suppression quest.

1 thought on “I have now dosed myself…”

  1. If you can find the Strawberry Strepsils, I recommend them. Or is it watermelon? Whichever one is pink.

    You can’t always find it, but Potters Vegetable Cough something or other works insanely well but is extremely nasty. Adrian always brings back a few bottles.

    I’m sorry you are so miserable.

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