I went out to work in…

I went out to work in the yard for a few minutes, and when I came back, I couldn't find Anand. He wasn't on the couch where I'd left him, placidly watching his Youtube Angry Birds videos. I went down to the basement, where Kavya was snuggled up in the papasan, watching her own shows on the big tv -- he wasn't with her. I was about to go look upstairs, when I realized I could still hear his show. Where was he? I followed the little beeps to find him at my sewing table, where he'd inserted himself into a basket of pillow / toy stuffing. (Which he knows he isn't supposed to play with.) When he realized I'd found him, he grinned smugly and whispered, "Cozy, cozy, cozy." I left him there in peace. Insufferable cloud-child.

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