Some dahlias for you!…

Some dahlias for you! Meadow rue continues to be one of my favorites, with such long-lasting, delicate blooms; I think it's made it into my top-ten perennials. Allium unifolium, a fairy's-eye view; a little like a prehistoric jungle. Sunny gates always please me.

This weird weather means that while some of my roses haven't bloomed (not hot enough, for long enough?), others, like this John Cabot, are still throwing out occasional flowers long after their normal time. The Thai basil was a bit neglected for a few weeks, and tried so hard to flower and go to seed -- pictured here just before I nipped all those purple flower stalks off. I'm pleased the cleome recovered from its parching! I'm not sure what variety of morning glory that is, throwing out both pink and purple blooms, but I'm not complaining; seen here with hydrangea paniculata Pinky Winky, which won't go pink for a few more weeks, I think.

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