Y’all know that since I…

Y'all know that since I launched a Kickstarter yesterday, I will, inevitably, be talking about it a lot until it's done. Luckily for you, I put a very tight time frame on this one -- 18 days total, which means I just have 17 days left to raise $3000. Eep. Yes, this is making me feel panicky. Asking for money = not my favorite thing ever!

I haven't tried such a tight timeline for a Kickstarter before, but I'm hoping this will avoid the "big dip" in the middle that you get with long Kickstarters. Also, the festival is soon! And I have courses to prep for fall semester. Plus a book to write, which I still, perhaps foolishly, think I might get a first draft of before summer ends. (Ha ha ha.)

There will be a lot of posts about the Kickstarter in the next several days, hopefully both informative and entertaining, if I can manage it. But for today, I'll just note that if you are planning to donate (or even vaguely thinking about it), it makes a big difference if you donate early. Nothing succeeds like success, and people are more excited about donating to a project that other people are excited about. Strange, but true.

So thanks to our first donor, who came in with $50 yesterday, yay! Thanks to our second donor, who wasn't comfortable with doing money stuff online, but who pledged $150 to me via e-mail. (Which won't count for the Kickstarter, unfortunately, but hey -- it is still money the festival can use, so I am not complaining!) Thanks to our third donor, who pledged $100. If I'm doing the math right, that's $300 out of $3000, which means we're a tenth of the way towards our goal, which is just awesome.

It's so nice to see that people care about supporting South Asian and diaspora writers and artists. We feel loved.

More, please. :-)

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