Kevin and I had dinner…

Kevin and I had dinner last night with Susan and Cadir, Max and Deirdre. Kev's parents kept the kids overnight (Anand's first sleepover!) so we could have an actual grown-up dinner party, and it was lovely -- we didn't get home until 11, I think. Max is looking particularly saturnine in that middle photo. Then went up to Mountain View today and had lunch at Tomi Sushi (*so* good, worth the fifteen-minute wait) with Thida. Both last night and tonight, much discussion of parenting concerns (independence vs. safety was big), schooling decisions, writing goals (both Susan and Thida write), and general mid-life-ness.

It's funny, being 43 (almost) and having friends the same age and seeing everyone doing the same basic life evaluation thing. Not a crisis, generally, thankfully, but there's definitely a certain sense of -- comparison? Looking around at what your friends are doing (esp. friends you haven't seen in a while) and considering whether you're happy with where you are right now.

We are, btw. Though I did just quit a third of my job so I'd have more time to write, which is a bit nerve-wracking. It feels so risky. But as Susan said last night, it's an investment in my writing. Okay, then. It's nice to have old friends who have known you a long time to talk this stuff over with!

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