First layer of mulch is…

First layer of mulch is down (thanks to Arlo); need to get a bit more. Some plants along the new path -- obviously, could use some more. In some ways, it's good not to have lots of money for new plants right now, because it reminds me that many of these will get bigger, and I should be patient. Thistle is growing nicely, slightly too close to the path for comfort -- ouch. A little lavender should probably be in a sunnier spot, but apparently, they don't like being moved. Move, or not move? Not sure which allium this is, slowly opening, but I like it even at this stage, slowly pushing itself free. Pale purple culver's root is a nice change from the white variety. I have too many single plants, I think -- should plant more in clusters. But then again, space! It's all so complicated

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