Draft done for call for…

Draft done for call for UIC desi history photographic exhibit, to be presented in combination with the Smithsonian's Beyond Bollywood exhibit and SAAPRI's history exhibit. It's going to be a really neat two-month exhibit when it's done, I hope. One more pass on the draft and it'll hopefully be ready to post. Any desi friends with UIC connections, start rummaging through your family photos! Would love to exhibit your history!

Teaching statement also done, whew. On to service -- this should be fun, since I get to talk about the SLF and DesiLit. :-)

Heather Marshall and Kat are here for writing day, with Julie arriving soon -- I need to get this academic stuff done, but am hoping to switch to writing after lunch. I'm a little worried that chapter 2 doesn't have quite enough happening in it, not enough urgency. There's going to be all kinds of drama soon, but I need a little time to set up the characters, so you know who to care about. I already had a wedding and an explosion in chapter 1; hopefully that's enough to hold people for a little bit?

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