I have the mildest of…

I have the mildest of summer colds -- it is just enough to slow me down a tiny bit, and make me want to nap on the couch. But it's a grey day, after rain, which is perfect planting weather, and I have a NEW! PATH! that desperately wants some more plantings near it. Also, weeding is good in this weather. So I think after I do a bit of computer work, I may bestir myself to the garden store.

I might start with some ground cover in between the stones -- it's tricky to plant this area, because right now it's shady, but that big tree in the parkway is coming down in mid-July (infected with emerald ash borer), so we're going from semi-shade to quite sunny. Roses! But between the stones, not roses. Maybe various varieties of thyme -- that's what I have in the path on the other side, and they're a bit slow (esp. in comparison with the clover), but perhaps they would spread faster in the sun?

Plan for today:

8: take kids to school
8:30: weed
9:00: a bit of computer work (revise portfolio letter, file reimbursement)
10:00: help friend organize her place a bit
11:00: organize basement for an hour or two (it's hard to walk through some parts!)

If I do all that, then in the afternoon, I might reward myself with a bit of planting. Or, alternatively, I may nap. :-)

Cost estimate, in case anyone else is considering such a thing -- $300, for stones, mulch (just for the path part) and labor. But I think a professional company would charge around $500.

Path installed by Arlo -- if there are any local friends who want yard work done at reasonable rates, let me know, and I'll put you in touch. He's looking for a full-time summer job, so he may not be available for long.

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