Moved two astilbes, one…

Moved two astilbes, one iris, and one culver's root to better locations, weeded for twenty minutes. At which point I was drenched in sweat -- it's cool, but muggy. Also, I'm a bit sick, as I noted. So I knocked off gardening for the morning, and now that I see the forecast of a high of 84 and thunderstorms, I'm thinking it's knocking off for the day. Planting can wait 'til tomorrow.

Rewarded myself with a bit of photography. Last night's rain still heavy on my William Shakespeare buds. Spiky sea holly (eryngium) looks great against May Night salvia -- I think it'll be more blue/purple soon. Hope so, but if not, the shape is still great, like little exploding stars. Tiny baby bunny hides under hydrangea leaves. That elephant statue really is perfect in my garden -- thank you, Jed. With meadow sage behind. And the first Christopher Marlowe is fully open and peachy gorgeous. It's honestly a bit too warm-toned for my front garden; I may end up moving it to the back. But not today!

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