Morning glory, three…

Morning glory, three sweet peas, planted. Not sure any are in ideal locations, but am testing out the remaining semi-sunny spots in my front yard to see how they do. If they fail -- ah well; next year, will just put those vines in the back. But it'd be nice to have some height on my flowers.

Also planted, two white baptisia, and moved one Mt. Everest white allium to join the purple Globemaster -- they both looked lonely. I'm pretty sure I planted more than one of each, but only one came up -- maybe I didn't plant more. Must make a note to add -- they're finishing now, but still structurally interesting!

Next, move a few columbines and a culver's root that is crowding the peony -- in general, several of my plants are too close together, because I did not sufficiently take mature size into consideration. Oops. I am impatient -- I want lush fullness now, not three years after planting. But my garden is teaching me patience, bit by bit.

Once I get all that moved, that I get to plant some rough prairie blazing star and some belated periwinkle (bought it weeks ago but haven't managed to get it in; I am not good about planting ground cover -- it is fiddly work). And then a bit of dandelion weeding and clean-up, and the front yard will actually be caught up, whew. Next week for the back!

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